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Ukraine Infrastructure Investments 

We are an investment consulting infrastructure company focused on attracting financing, construction, and management of infrastructure projects, with a particular emphasis on ESG projects.

We create a unique environment where project initiators have the opportunity to propose and implement projects, while investors can invest in selected potential projects in the field of infrastructure.

We manage a qualified team of experts in the fields of investment and infrastructure project management, including financiers, civil engineers, economists, lawyers, investment consultants, and project managers.

We can become your reliable advisor on legal, financial, and technical matters related to the implementation of infrastructure projects through public-private partnerships (PPP) and concessions.

We support the full cycle of infrastructure project implementation, from project initiation to operation, through mechanisms of PPP and concessions, and attract financing for the project through project financing mechanisms.

Who We Serve


Project Initiator

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We facilitate the search for project investors, assist in negotiating agreements between project initiators and investors, and manage the full cycle of implementation, financing, and joint management of the project.

We provide project selection, Due Diligence, investment appraisal, project risk assessment, and manage investment attraction and management through project financing mechanisms.

Priority legal models for project implementation


a special company, or "project company," that is created to implement an infrastructure project, and manage processes, projects, and financial flows

Joint Venture 

based on shared capital, joint management, and mutual distribution of results and risks

Enterprise with Foreign Investments

an enterprise of any organizational and legal form, established following the legislation of Ukraine, with foreign investment in its statutory capital, if available, amounting to at least 10%


a temporary statutory association of enterprises formed to achieve a common economic goal (implementation of an infrastructure project)

Investment models for projects

Debt capital

● Project and investment loans obtained from banks, institutional funds, family offices● Bridge loans● Corporate and infrastructure bonds, private bond placements● Other types of debt capital

Shareholder capital

● Sale of a company share● Direct investment in capital in exchange for a company share● Corporate financing● Acquisition of shares in a joint-stock company● Venture financing

Specialized investment instruments

● Shares of a Corporate Investment Fund (CIF)● Investment certificates of Mutual Investment Funds (MIF)● International financing● Institutional investments● Syndicates of investors● Investment pools

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Our partners include famous and reliable companies from all over the world. 


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